The talk by Prof. Christine Bassem

On 13th June, Prof. Christine Bassem (Wellesley College) lectured and discussion on Mobility Coordination online.

Lecture Title: Towards Mobility Coordination in Participatory Crowdsensing Platforms
One of the main challenging aspects of participatory crowdsensing, in which self-motivated crowds already roaming in a mobility field assist in the collection of sensing data, is that crowd participation is voluntary and unpredictable. In our work, we aim to develop solutions that coordinate the participation of crowds in such platforms; in terms of their mobility, reliability, and privacy, with an objective of incentivizing crowds to reliably participate in the sensing process. Thus, leveraging their collective efforts to optimize the performance of the system as a whole. In this talk, I will present an overview of the solutions developed in the CrowdNets lab towards mobility coordination and the evaluation of participatory crowdsensing mechanisms.

Christine Bassem is the Anchor Point Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College. Her broad research interests are in mechanism and algorithm design in dynamic distributed systems, including mobile crowd, ad-hoc, and transport networks. Her current research is on the optimization of incentive-compatible mechanisms for coordinating the mobility of crowds in spatio-temporal networks, such as those found in mobile crowdsensing and ride-sharing platforms, with a focus on incentives, quality-of-work, reliability, and privacy.