ACM Mobisys2024

From June 3 to 7, 2024, our laboratory participated in the 22nd ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (ACM MobiSys 2024), where we presented our laboratory exhibition and five posters (Associate Professor Hamada Rizk, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Viktor Erdélyi, D1 student Yonekura), and won the People's Choice Award for Best Poster.
Additionally, our D1 students (Ren, Yonekura, Liu) participated in the doctoral student symposium ASSET (Asian Student Symposium on Emerging Technologies) and presented posters.

The titles of the poster presentations are as follows:

  • You Only Sense Once: Unified Localization and Activity Recognition of Multiple Persons
    • Hamada Rizk (Osaka University), Hend Fayed (InnoTech), Akira Uchiyama (Osaka University), Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University)
  • Listening to Earth’s Voice: Advanced Vehicle Recognition through Seismic Sensing
    • Hamada Rizk (Osaka University), Sherief Hashima (Riken-AIP)
  • SmartScale: Your Pocket-Sized Weight Estimator Powered by Your Smartphone (The People's Choice Award for Best Poster)
    • Mirna Elbestar (American University in Cairo), Hamada Rizk (Osaka University), Moustafa Youssef (American University in Cairo and Google)
  • Translating Vision into Words: Advancing Object Recognition with Visual-Language Models
    • Haruki Yonekura (Osaka University), Hamada Rizk (Osaka University and Tanta University), Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University)
  • Activity Recognition Using CSI Backscatter with Commodity Wi-Fi
    • Viktor Erdelyi (Osaka University), Kazuki Miyao (Osaka University), Akira Uchiyama (Osaka University), Tomoki Murakami(NTT Corporation)

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