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Yamaguchi Mobile Computing Lab.
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University

Mobile Computing Lab.

About Us

We aim to create technologies that are useful in the real world with using the state-of-the-art IoT devices and analysis infrastructure by AI. Power-saving communication・Beyond 5G Utilization・Edge computing, digital twins, distributed machine learning, real-time data assimilation, cyber privacy, regional IoT, etc... We will explore technologies with an eye on new social issues.

News and Updates

Last Update: Jan. 29, 2024


Smart City Technologies
Theme 1
Smart City Technologies
We are pursuing technologies for modeling and understanding the mobility of people and vehicles in the real world
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Human, Activity and Environment Sensing
Theme 2
Human, Activity and Environment Sensing
We are researching methods to estimate and utilize various states of the human body, including deep body temperature, by analyzing data obtained from smartphones, LiDAR, and wearable sensors.
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Next-gen Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Theme 3
Next-gen Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
We are pursuing location estimation using the electromagnetic properties of wireless communication, and methods for building distributed machine learning systems.
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Research Projects

Our lab is involved in a variety of large research projects.


Here are the list of Yamaguchi Lab members.

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Hirozumi Yamaguchi_image_large
Hirozumi Yamaguchi
Akira Uchiyama_image_large
Associate Professor
Akira Uchiyama
Akihito Hiromori_image_large
Associate Professor (Concurrent Post)
Akihito Hiromori
Hamada Rizk_image_large
Associate Professor
Hamada Rizk
Tatsuya Amano_image_large
Assistant Professor
Tatsuya Amano
Erdélyi Viktor_image_large
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Erdélyi Viktor
Manas Kala_image_large
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
Manas Kala
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Recent Publications

  • Privacy-preserving pedestrian tracking with path image inpainting and 3D point cloud features
    Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Volume 100, May 2024. 101914
    Masakazu Ohno, Riki Ukyo, Tatsuya Amano, Hamada Rizk, Hirozumi Yamaguchi
  • Anomaly Detection of Building Structure from Incomplete Point Cloud Obtained by UAV
    IPSJ Journal of Information Processing (JIP)
    Ayumu Harada, Akihito Hiromori, Hirozumi Yamaguchi
  • Visual Privacy Control for Metaverse and the Beyond
    IEEE Pervasive Computing
    Tatsuya Amano; Teruhiro Mizumoto; Srikant Manas Kala; Hirozumi Yamaguchi; Tomokazu Matsui; Keiichi Yasumoto

Last Update: 2024/4/16

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