Oral and Demo Presentations at MDM2023

D2 Tanaka, M2 Ozeki, and M2 Yonekura presented the following Regular Paper, Short Paper, and Demonstration at the 24th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM2023) held in Singapore from July 3rd to 6th. Also, Professor Yamaguchi participated in the panel talks.

ML-based Individual Contribution Assessment of Basketball Players from Their Trajectories (regular)
Takeshi Tanaka (Hitachi, Ltd.); Akira Uchiyama (Osaka University); Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
Presenter: D2 Tanaka

Balancing Privacy and Utility of Spatio-Temporal Data for Taxi-Demand Prediction (short)
Ren Ozeki (Osaka university); Haruki Yonekura (Osaka University); Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University, Japan); Hamada Dr. Rizk (Osaka University)
Presenter: M2 Ozeki

STM - A Privacy-Enhanced Solution for Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Management
Haruki Yonekura (Osaka University); Ren Ozeki (Osaka University); Hamada Dr. Rizk (Osaka University); Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
Presenter: M2 Yonekura

Panel: Do's and Don'ts in Mobility Data Science
Reynold Cheng (University of Hong Kong); Mohamed F. Mokbel (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, USA); Flora Salim (University of New South Wales, Australia); Cyrus Shahabi (University of Southern California, USA); Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University, Japan)

The conference program is here