Laboratory Introduction

This is an introduction of the Yamaguchi Laboratory to students before they're assigned to the lab.

Research Focus:

We're conducting numerous research projects centered around the theme of 'Real-world Sensing via IoT and Analytical Infrastructure with AI' (including JST CREST, precursory projects, KAKENHI-S, Osaka University Society 5.0, collaboration with venture companies from the lab, and over 10 joint or commissioned research projects). For details on each research, please refer to the research focus page here. If you're not sure, check it out here ↓


The Yamaguchi Laboratory has a large staff and tackles a wide range of themes. While it belongs to the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, specializing in Information Networks, it also delves into research topics that aren't directly related to computer networks.

Approach to Research for B4 Students


Whole Lab Seminar

The initial phase after being assigned to the research lab involves participating in a "Whole Lab Seminar" to acquire foundational knowledge necessary for research. The content varies from year to year; in 2023, we conducted tutorials on deep learning and models on Hugging Face. During the Whole Lab Seminar, each student is assigned multiple seniors as advisors, who provide detailed guidance from understanding the literature to presenting.

Studying for the graduate school entrance exam

Around June, the Whole Lab Seminar ends, and then (for those going on to graduate school), students can concentrate on preparing for the entrance exams.

Research (Bachelor's Thesis)

Around the time of completing entrance exams, students decide on their research themes. Typically, instructors propose multiple themes, and students decide based on their interests. Those with specific interests or preferences (like deep learning, hardware tinkering, or implementation) can adjust the content through meetings.
The frequency of research sessions with instructors varies by team but typically occurs every 1-2 weeks. Through literature surveys, data collection, program implementation, simulations, etc., students progress their research, culminating in writing a thesis and presenting it at the February Information Science Department Special Research Presentation.
After the February Bachelor's thesis (Special Research Presentation), many students present multiple times at domestic conferences (such as the DICOMO Symposium held annually in hot spring resorts and DPS workshops, with many research conferences in Okinawa). Generally, students gain experience presenting at an international conference once during their Master's program. In 2023, some B4 students even presented at domestic conferences in March.

The Unique Features of the Research Lab

  • The Yamaguchi Laboratory itself began in the fiscal year 2021. However, at that time, Associate Professor Yamaguchi inherited the "Higashino Laboratory" as it was, so the lab has over 20 years of history and assets, yet it maintains a fresh atmosphere.
    • With a rich repository of past job-hunting materials, class materials, and other documents, it serves as a valuable resource for reference.
  • We emphasize "Real-world Sensing" and actively engage in research projects aimed at social implementation. As a result, we actively conduct data collection and verification experiments outside the university environment.


Laboratory Life


  • Events we held


FAQ from Undergraduate Students:

  • Where do graduates typically work?
    • Many graduates find employment in major system integration companies, telecommunication and infrastructure sectors, and automotive manufacturers. Recently, opportunities in web and app development, multinational IT firms, academia, and game companies have also emerged.
  • Are there core working hours?
    • No, there are no set core hours.
  • Can students work part-time jobs?
    • Many students balance part-time jobs alongside their studies. As long as tasks are completed by their deadlines, it's generally acceptable.
    • Students interested in software development can find part-time job opportunities in startup companies associated with the lab.