Graduation Thesis Presentations

The 2023 Annual Special Research Report Meeting (Undergraduate Research Presentation) and Master's Thesis Presentation were held on February 8th and February 14th, respectively.
The presentation titles from the Yamaguchi Laboratory are as follows.

Bachelor Thesis (written in Japanese)

  • B4丸山 実空間融合型メタバースにおける共有オブジェクトの品質最適化手法
  • B4中尾 介護送迎のための制約付き配送計画問題の定式化および強化学習を用いた解法の検討
  • B4安田 鉄道駅プラットフォームにおける人流デジタルツインの構築手法
  • B4平野 サーモグラフィを用いた暑熱環境における非接触な深部体温推定法の検討

Master Thesis

  • M2宮尾 Activity Recognition Using CSI Backscatter with Commodity Wi-Fi
  • M2山田 LiDAR in Safety and Security: Point Cloud-Based Approaches to Human Identification and Fall Detection
  • M2大野 Pedestrian Tracking and Destination Prediction using 3D Point Clouds and Walking Trajectories
  • M2米倉 Human Daily Activity Patterns Generation with LLM for Smart Home Simulator
  • M2小関 Adaptive Message Scheduling Assisted by Natural Language Processing Models
  • M2上垣 Synthesis of Pedestrian Movement Patterns: Combining Sparse Location Data with Multi-Spot Density Measurements
  • M2山口 MUSIC-based AoA and ToF Estimation for Localizing Low-cost Backscatter Tags