Research demo. presented and awarded at MobiCom2022

We presented two research demonstrations at The 28th Annual International Conference On Mobile Computing And Networking (MobiCom2022) (core A* conference)held in Sydney, Australia from October 17 to 21, 2022, and one of them won the Best Demo Award (out of 20).
The demonstration titles are as follows.

  • Demonstrating Hitonavi-µ: A Novel Wearable LiDAR for Human Activity Recognition
    • Hamada Rizk, Yuma Okochi, Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University)
    • Best Demo Award
  • Demonstrating OmniCells: A Resilient Indoor Localization System to Devices' Diversity
    • Hamada Rizk, Tatsuya Amano, Hirozumi Yamaguchi (Osaka University); Moustafa Youssef (American University in Cairo and Alexandria University)

The program is here