Three presentations at IE2022

Three oral presentations (online presentations) were given at The 18th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE2022) held in Biarritz, France, from June 20 to 23.
The presentation titles are as follows.

  • On-the-Fly Spatio-Temporal Human Segmentation of 3D Point Cloud Data By Micro-Size LiDAR
    • Yuma Okochi, Hamada Rizk, and Hirozumi Yamaguchi
  • CellStory: Extendable Cellular Signals-Based Floor Estimator Using Deep Learning,
    • Asmaa Saeed, Ahmed Wasfey, Hamada Rizk, and Hirozumi Yamaguchi
  • Measuring Health Conditions Every Morning using a Smart Toothbrush with a Gas Sensor
    • Satoshi Yoshimura, Teruhiro Mizumoto, Yuki Matsuda, Keita Ueda and Akira Takeyama
    • Workshop on Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and Well-being (WISHWell'22) Co-located with IE2022での発表

The program is here