2021 Master's thesis presentation

The Master's Thesis Presentation of the Department of Information Networking, Graduate School of Information Sciences was held on February 11.
This year, the presentation was held online, and six M2 students from Yamaguchi Laboratory gave presentations.

The titles of the presentations by studnets in Yamaguchi lab. are as follows:

  • Body Part Detection in Neonatal Thermal Images for Skin Temperature Extraction
  • Video-based Human Tracking Robust to Dynamic Camera Position and Orientation Changes
  • Vision-based Multi-lane detection using Temporal Features
  • Robust Pedestrian Tracking Against Occlusions in Public Spaces Using 3D Point Clouds from Depth/LiDAR Sensors
  • Identification of Conductive Tags Based on Radio Reflection Patterns Using LSTM
  • Activity Recognition using Coarse Branch Circuit Power Consumption and Complicated Architectural Drawings