Cyber-physical Space, User Identification, LiDAR

Smartphone User Identification in Cyber-phsyical Space

By utilizing a cyber-physical space composed of constantly scanned objects and people in a three-dimensional physical space using 3D LiDAR and depth cameras, it is possible to accurately capture and share the social distance and density of people, the wearing of masks, and the state of contact between people and objects. 

In order to share and notify information to pedestrians in such a space, or for pedestrians to send messages to each other, it is essential to map a mobile-device (such as smartphones) held by a pedestrian to a scanned physical pedestrian (user identification). We propose a method for opportunistic identification of pedestrians based on their natural behavior, which does not require prior information from pedestrians or on-the-spot gesture tasks.

Related Paper:

Tatsuya Amano, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Teruo Higashino, "Connected AR for Combating COVID-19", IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, Vol.3, No.3, September, 2020.

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